Parking Information

This page provides a quick overview of important parking information; all official rules and regulations can be found on the Rules & Regulations pages.

Numbered Parking Spaces

Numbered parking spaces are reserved for use solely by the residents of the corresponding unit. Every unit has one numbered space available to it. If your numbered space is occupied by an unknown vehicle you have the right to have the vehicle towed at the owner’s expense. Vehicles parked in numbered spaces must abide by all parking rules or risk being towed.

Unnumbered Parking Spaces

The unnumbered parking spaces are available on a first-come first-served basis, with a limit of one vehicle per unit. Between the hours of 10PM and 6AM all vehicles in these spaces must display the Millyard hangtag. Any vehicle not displaying the hangtag may be towed by Spillane’s without notice and at the owner’s expense.

Any unit may only have one vehicle in an unnumbered space between the hours of 10PM and 6AM. If a unit is found to be occupying more than one unnumbered space then the extra vehicles can be towed without notice and at the owner’s expense.

Parking Hangtags

The Millyard Parking Hangtag must be displayed in unnumbered spaces.

Every Millyard Unit has received one hangtag. The hangtag may be transferred between vehicles and left with the unit for new residents. Replacement hangtags cost $50 a piece and can be obtained by contacting the board.

Any unit found to have and/or use more than one hangtag and/or parking space is subject of a fine of up to $200.

Vehicle Registration

Residents are encouraged to register vehicles that are parked regularly at the Millyard by calling our Property Manager at Appletree Bay at (802) 863-6940. Registration allows the board and/or Property Manager to determine the owner of a vehicle if the need arises; however a registered vehicle that does not display its hangtag in an unnumbered spot may still be towed without notice.

Snow Removal

When a winter storm is expected a time-frame for plowing is set and communicated. It is imperative that vehicles are removed from the lot for the entire duration of this time-frame; vehicles left in the lot or which return before the end of the time-frame may be towed or damaged at the owner’s expense. Cars need to be out of the lot between 10 AM and 2 PM when we have received 4 or more inches of snow.

When brushing snow off a vehicle please do so before moving the vehicle out of its parking space. This helps reduce icy patches in the middle of the lot and allows the snow removal company to do a more thorough job at a lower cost.

Disabled Vehicles

In the event that a vehicle is disabled, please contact the property manager.